Our Story

          Our story started about 3 years ago when my partner and  I attended our first golf outing. It just so happened to be the first annual golf outing for the Warwick Town Animal Shelter. We became friendly with the event coordinator and were asked to help promote the golf outing. She had been an avid golfer herself and thought that running a golf outing would be easy have had so many contacts in the golf world. She shared the struggles of how hard it was getting golfers to attend the outing. That is when it clicked! What if there was a site that easily connected event planners to local golf communities, and where golfers could search and sign up for golf events in their area.  Thus giving a market for outings to be posted on with a local backing from the surrounding areas.
It was one of those ideas that you talk with your friends about and never really get a jump on, to only find out later that someone did create that idea and make it successful. Well, that was 3 years ago when we first thought of EZ Golf and at the time we didn’t even have a name for it. Starting in our area of New York and New Jersey with plans to extend to the rest of the courses around the country, We created this site to share the love of golf and to support some really great charities around the world!

Our Vision

Our vision started with the idea to make a place where anyone can search, create, or host golf outings easily. By using a location-based search, golfers and supporters alike can find:
• Local golf courses that are in their area
• Locate golf tournaments and outings being hosted nearby
• Search for charities/ organizations to support
• All while connecting with your local golf community
EZ Golf aims to become the number one golf outing and tournament industry in the country by spreading the love of the game as well as inspiring new golfers to connect through shared experiences.

Want to start your own outing?

Finding it difficult to select the right course for a golf outing? Struggle to get golfers to attend your outing? Want to create a unique way to fundraise? Whether you have 300 people or just want to start something with a group of friends, EZ Golf has you covered. Work with our professionals to create a custom outing that will:

  • Stay within your budget
  • Find the best course suited for your outing
  • Get in contact with quality sponsors
  • Create the best package to attract golfers
  • Answer any questions about planning and hosting an outing